*Note: This information was pulled from the EQEmu.org website, Hunter of EZ Server, and has had information added by myself to make it more in line with EZ Server -Reed

Play Guide

This guide will take you through the steps necessary to play on an EQEmulator Server.

Please note: As of this time you MUST have either Everquest: Titanium Edition, Everquest: Secrets of Faydwer, or Everquest: Seeds of Destruction in order to use EQEmu.

Step 1 - Installing
Install Titanium, Secrets of Faydwer, or Seeds of Destruction from the disks, no other version will work. Do NOT patch to live. Do not patch at all.

*Note* Some users with AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processors have reported a speed issue with the client.
If you still have Dual Core CPU issues or other issues with starting Everquest, see the EQEmuFAQ

Step 2 - Forum Account
If you have not already done so, you will need to register an account with the EQEmulator Forums. Click the "Register" link at the top left of the page. Follow the prompts that are displayed and enter the required information: username, password, email address, etc. Make sure you use a valid email address as your new account needs to be verified. Check your email and validate your account. If you do not receive a validation code, please PM an Administrator in the IRC channel.

Step 3 - Login Server Account
You will now need to create a Login Server account that you will use log into the EQEmulator Loginserver. Please go to the Login Server page (located under Miscellaneous in your UserCP). Select "Create a LS Account." Fill out the fields and proceed. Please note that your EQEmulator Forum account and EQEmulator Login Server account are totally seperate; you should use a different username/password combination for each.

Step 4 - EQHost File
In order for your client to connect to the EQEmulator Login Server (and not SOE's EQLive Login Server), you will need to change your eqhost.txt file to point at the correct location. Go into your EverQuest directory and locate the eqhost.txt file. Replace the contents of the file with the following (Remove any trailing spaces):


Step 5 - Creating Shortcut
Now, you will need to create a shortcut to launch EverQuest and bypass the EQLive patcher (if this step is not taken, you will launch the patcher and overwrite the EQHost.txt file that you just modified, making you connect to the global EQLive Login Server). To do this, go into your EverQuest directory. Locate the EQGAME.EXE file. Right-click on the file and select "Create Shortcut." You can rename this shortcut and drag it anywhere you'd like (most people like to put it on their desktop). Now, right-click that shortcut and select Properties. In the target box, you will see the path to the eqgame.exe file. We need to edit this so that it will pass an argument to that executable when the shortcut is launched. At the end of the text box (after any parenthases), add "patchme" (no quotes). Your target box should look similar to this:

"C:\Program Files\Everquest\eqgame.exe" patchme

Or if you do not have spaces in the path, it will look like this without quotes:

C:\Everquest\eqgame.exe patchme

Step 6 - Playing
That's it! You're ready to play now. Double-click that shortcut you just created, and login using the Login Server Account that you created in Step 3. If you have any issue there is a technical section on the EZ Server forums for you to ask for assistance

If you need to buy Everquest
If you are looking to buy Everquest, you can find the Everquest Titanium edition in your favorite game store, which is only about $20, and contains ten expansions!
This is, indeed, a good deal if you are new to Everquest! This is a good deal for all those that are new and old to EQ, considering you save a lot of money if you buy it this way. Since Titanium is fairly hard to find these days, the better alternative now is probably to purchase Everquest: Secrets of Faydwer instead. You must purchase the retail box, NOT the digital download. Only the retail box install from the DVDs will work. SoF can be purchased from www.newegg.com for $4.99 with free shipping currently, so that is a hard bargain to pass up (outdated now).
Steam is also a good place to find Everquest installation. No disk required either. Seeds of Destruction was only 4.99$ recently.

Quick FAQ's
  • Can I use the anniversary edition or other expansions?
- NO. As the it says above, you can only use Titanium, Secrets of Faydwer, and Seeds of Destruction at this time. Other versions like platinum, anniversary, and trilogy WILL NOT WORK. Anniversary will allow you to login, but you will not be able to target anything or do anything but walk around.
  • Can I use third party software like MacroQuest and Magelo?
- YES. This is only allowed as long as the /stick command and map feature is only thing used. If you violate this you are subject to ban. Also if you dont know anything about it, its probably for the best
  • Can I use custom UIs?
- YES! Most custom UIs work with EMU, there may be a few flaws, where as live uses corrupt resist and the rest timer where EMU doesn't, which would show "unknown" in your skin where it doesn't exist yet in EMU.
  • Is EMU free?
- 100% free to play, however you have to acquire EverQuest Titanium or Secrets of Faydwer by yourself. We cannot tell you how to acquire it, but if you have it, you can get on the EMU server after following the above said steps.
  • Can I download EverQuest Titanium, Secrets of Faydwer, or Seeds of Destruction?
- No, only the retail installations of either of the supported versions will work. Illegal downloads of them are not supported by the team here and are a bannable offense if discussed on the forums.

Server Information

EZ Server GMs are Hunter and Basher

Our connection is 30 Mbits/sec Down, 5 Mbits/sec Up from Fiber Optics

Qty (2) Intel® Xeon® processor X5550
Qty (2) Intel® Thermal Solution STS100C
Intel® Server Board S5520HC
Intel® Server Chassis SC5650DPNA with 600Watt Power Supply
Intel® Integrated RAID Module (SROMBSASMR)
Qty (2) Seagate* Cheetah* NS.2 450GB SAS HDD’s (ST3450802SS)
6 GB DDR3 Memory 6x 1GB
Samsung* 22X DVDRW SATA Optical Drive
40GB Intel SSD
Intel Remote Management Module 3
Intel 6 Bay Hot Swap Expander Backplane

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